Home page, about me, and this!

This all came about as a result of a chance remark from Marie-Therese, and she knows who she is!   glasgowfiddle.org.uk

Originally, I had a very narrow aim, to publicise information about children without families in Nepal, and to link that to the idea music as a force for good, as it had come out of the Venzuelan street kids orchestra http://elsistemausa.org/el-sistema/venezuela/

As well as the GFW link,  I was influenced by the fact that my wonderful violin teacher teaches at “The Big Noise”, the only UK version of  El Sistema, based at Raploch, near Stirling,  http://makeabignoise.org.uk/big-noise-raploch/  Music certainly does me good!

THEN, I got sort of addicted to the blog as a medium for having conversations with people about stuff that in any case I would be happy to have published in a book, and THAT is not going to happen!

Added to which I enjoy taking photos a great deal and it seemed a shame not to share them more widely!  So “nepalistreetkids” evolved into a wider field, all the exciting things that I might want other people to know about.  Sort of opinionated travelogue, excuse for self promotion if you like!

But STILL the best bit is knowing it is a conversation with whoever reads it.

AND I will unashamedly continue to promote the orphanage in Kathmandu that was the real start of it all.                                         www.justgiving.com/OCCEDNepal BuildingProjec


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