Sri Lanka, some travel arrangements!

Next day, local bus to Polonnaruwa, 1,000 year old capital after Anuradhapura was destroyed by invaders, nothing changes! I will also reveal more of my hobby horses along the way! First the bus station–


British seem to have left buses behind! Very smart Tuk-tuks as well. Below, sustenance for the journey–



this seemed to be the bus driver’s office, I think-and also seen from the bus, I reveal my obsession with work and safety, or not–


underneath, roadside living, and business–


A GARDEN CENTRE!IMG_9336-moving on (!) to cycle tour of Polonnaruwa. Sadly the buildings had a wooden framework and were set on fire in yet another invasion-so just hints of past grandeur-IMG_9340IMG_9346IMG_9347IMG_9349IMG_9356IMG_9354

but Archaeologists are here——-IMG_9352and conservationists——IMG_9365so visit if you have a chance———





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